Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Round-up (8-30-11)

Tuesday seems to roll around so fast. I felt like I just did a roundup. Anyway, today is Twinterest Tuesday! It’s the last Tuesday of August. Not too sad to see it go this year though. August, please blame Mother Nature for that. She let you down. Excuse my rant, view the goodies below:

Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Roundup

1. Turquoise Desk with Hutch (How gorgeous is this! And not just because it’s my favorite color. Look at the detail of the shelving area. We must find one asap even though we have no use for it)

2. Chalkboard with Ornate Frame (Loving the distress look of this. Head over to the creator’s blog to see how she made this beauty)

3. DIY Frame with Burlap and an Antiqued Letter (This is cuteness at it’s finest. Will work for most rooms. Check out the DIY post here)

4. Ornate Large Headboard (Stunning, stunning!  How do I recreate this? I need to recreate this! Any ideas?)

5. Plastic Spoon Rose DIY (This a decor accessory made from plastic spoons. Plastic spoons! I had to double take as well once I read the description. Here is the tutorial and another one)

6. Turquoise Clock (Ooh! You can probably tell by now that we love two things…turquoise and ornate details)

7. Desk with Mirror Trellis Overlays (Oh how pretty. But this is listed as $599. I think I just got a little sick looking at that price. However, there is a sunny side to this…it looks like it is possible to recreate this as a diy/cheaper desk. Right? Well look at these overlays for starters)

8. Floral Dress Form (Isn’t she just fabulous We desperately want a dress form but they are expensive. We must find one at the thrift store. P.S. Look at that Amy Butler print.)

9. Faux Roman Shade (How about a little window love? DIY window love. And it looks fairly easy. Check out the tutorial)

10. Coral Floral Drapes (More window love folks. These drapes are so pretty. I’m hunting for this fabric or something similar. No success yet)


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2 Responses to Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Round-up (8-30-11)

  1. Keandra

    The desk/hutch looks like an old fashioned mail sorting system. For the headboard: why not get a regular paper doily and use an old projector to enlarge on a piece of wood? Time consuming cutting all those little bits out but how AMAZING would the result be???

  2. Kahli

    Hey there Keandra! Now that I look at it again that could be an old fashion mail sorting system. Oh yeah the doily could work, but I wonder how you could give it the same depth so it doesn’t look flat. You’re full of ideas!

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