Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Round-up (9-27-11)

It is Twinterest Tuesday. I’m not really happy about it. Pinterest wasn’t friendly to us. In fact, it was rather slow and we had to sift through a lot to find some great things. Sorry this list is shorter than usual, but nevertheless, here it is:
Twinterest Tuesday: A Weekly Pinterest Roundup

1. Suitcase Nightstand (What a gorgeous makeover of your standard nesting table and a suitcase. We have an old suitcase around. We may have to try this. Check out the original post)

2. Doily Stenciled Side Table ( This table is a cutie, with it’s overlapping stencil work and candy pink paint job. Check out BHG for the description)

3. Office Styling (Love the styling of this office.  Muted tones with a little pop of the color. It’s vintage with a rustic touch)

4. Gypsy Caravan (This doesn’t really inspire us to do anything but it is a beauty to look at isn’t? The ornate detail and color makes it even better. Can you live in something like this?)
5. Floral Armchair (This color combo is to die for as well as the shape of the chair. The fabric isn’t the most affordable though. Maybe I could find a similar style for less)
6. Herringbone Wood Floor (Wooden floor made from shipping pallets. I love how it’s not just your ordinary pattern. This floor becomes a focal point on it’s own)

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  1. Deborah

    Ooohhh, love love LOVE that funky pink doily table!!

    • Milla

      Isn’t it. I want to try it.

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