You’re So Vain: New Vanity Desk

Hi all, Milla here! How are you guys? Me? I’m just glad the weekend is here.

So lately it seems that I have a knack for showing up here  at the end of week to do a post. I’ve been at my parents house every Friday for a while so maybe it’s inspiring me. However, we are not talking about their decor because that needs major work. Maybe it’s the brand new computer. The screen is huge! Anyhoo, the point of this post is to continue showcasing our thrifty purchases from this week.

Over the weekend, Kah and I decided that I needed a desk for my bedroom, because you know we’re impulsive like that, so on the hunt for a desk we went. And  it actually didn’t take us long to find what I had mind. I was looking for a vanity type desk, but not a traditional vanity with the mirror attached. Remember in my last post I discussed moving that huge mirror from behind my bed? Well, my plan was to purchase a desk where I could prop the mirror against the wall on top of the desk. Below, is how it currently looks in my bedroom:

1930's Vanity Desk

Isn’t she purrty? I love the details; turned legs, caster wheels,  handles, curved underside, etc. The price and the condition of it was a steal for how old this vanity is. And I only paid $85 for it!  Can you tell how excited I am?

Oh I love the color too, yet unfortunately I have to paint it. As it is now, it does not fit with my current design scheme. So it will soon get a cobalt-like blue treatment. Depending on what mood Kah is in she may force us to do that tonight. Now that I am not excited about.

See a close up of  the detail below:

1930's Vanity Desk


And as far as the prospective color, here are some inspiration ideas that I came across:

Blue Nightstand via Splendid Willow

First up,  this beautiful chest that I spotted via Splendid Willow. This blue is like almost navy with a hint of purple in it.

Cobalt Blue Chest via Natty by Design

This brilliant cobalt finish is via Natty by Design. It may be a little brighter than what I’m looking for though :(

Cobalt Blue Buffet via Marie Claire Maison

Lastly, this buffet is stunningly bright as the focal point of this neutral dining space, but I’m wondering if I should go just a shade darker.

The first pic might be the winner. I plan to color match the paint with the pillows that are already on my bed just to be on the safe side. Wish me luck and check back soon for the after post!


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9 Responses to You’re So Vain: New Vanity Desk

  1. Splendid Willow

    Good luck Milla! I am sure it is going to be a winner! (And all the wood carvings will show better). Send me a pic of the final product. I would love to see it.


    • Milla

      Oh wow thanks Monika. I will let you know when the project is complete

  2. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Gorgeous lines on that and I love the little delicate wheeled legs! Can’t wait to see what you do with it – cobalt is a wonderful choice!! xxx

  3. Bernadette @b3hd

    That vanity desk is dainty and cute and all things pretty. can’t wait to see the bright color pop you do with it. I need to find something like that and do it hard yellow (smile).


  4. Yanelle

    OMG! This post is scary because I was hunting down possible colors for that other piece of furniture and then I saw this desk post. As soon as I saw the poster on the wall I thought that desk needs to be BLUE. This is the color that jumped out at me first for the buffet: but it seems like we are all thinking something very similar for this desk. LOL!

    • Kahli

      That shade of blue is magnificent! That whole room is just beautiful!

      • Yanelle

        INDEED! My sentiments exactly. :] I like how the desk turned out too.

        • Milla

          Thanks as always Yanelle.

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