A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

So the last time, we mentioned anything about the kitchen were in these two posts referencing the wood tile floor and where the hell we’ve been for almost the last two years.

So you guys are definitely due an update with more details. Let’s do a quick recap, shall we? And by quick recap, I mean pictures because I’m too lazy to type. However, that could change by the end of this post.

ugly kitchen before ugly kitchen before

The above pictures are what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Hideous right? And yes that is fake brick with fake wood paneling. The countertops were also the lowest grade of laminate ever known to man. The particle board cabinets were just icing on the cake. Nothing in this kitchen was salvageable. We gave it a complete gut job and knocked down most of the walls. In the picture on the left that “mudroom” was just taking up wasted space and in the picture on the right the “pantry” was also useless.

kitchen before demo pantry wall ugly kitchen before demo

Here’s some more pictures at different angles, but the kitchen doesn’t look any better from these angles either. At least now you can see exactly how small the kitchen was and that massive refrigerator leaves less than 3 feet of clearance space in what is supposed to be a gallery style kitchen. Seeing the kitchen crammed all one side, makes you question the wasted mudroom space even more, right? Not to mention the door in the middle of the wall is not great either. All that is going to change…time to make things happen!

kitchen before demo kitchen pantry demo
Let’s start with taking down that gross paneling and faux brick. We’re making progress here! It is looking better already! Let’s check the progess on the other end of the room (mudroom).

kitchen demon progress ugly kitchen before
Side by side comparison after knocking down that adjoining wall. Look at all that debris! It was definitely a workout knocking down these walls. Especially for petite women like us and did I mention that all these walls were plaster? The good stuff too. We also knocked down the wall that separated the dining room and mudroom/kitchen. We wanted to created an open concept kitchen/dining space because majority of the kitchen would be relocating to the area pictured above. We were planning on an L shaped formation. Okay, so here’s the story on that wall. It is load-bearing. It looked like this before any demo work. (The load-bearing wall is the furthest back in the picture)

outside dining room view wall before

During demo the wall looked like this.

knocking down a load bearing wall kitchen construction

We are getting closer to the open concept!

load bearing header kitchen

And we have the header up. (Please excuse the cabinet boxes, just focus on the header). Now for the good stuff, dry wall!

ugly kitchen before  kitchen drywall progress 
Huge difference, right!? Now let’s see what it looks like if you add some cabinets and appliances.

kitchen cabinets installation kitchen cabinets installation progress
Looking better, but still a long way to go about as long as this post has been so far.

white ikea kitchen in progress ugly kitchen before demo

The pic on the left was taken within the last month. We added paneling on the ceiling and painted it blue, painted a chalkboard wall, laid wood tile and added hardware. To compare: The new refrigerator is close to where the old door used to be. We placed the new door all the way at the end of the room.

And because I’m sick of progress pics, I’m just going to give you a little sneak peek of what the kitchen looks like as of Wednesday. It was very cloudy and rainy outside, but I did manage to lighten the pics just enough for your convenience.

white ikea kitchen lidingo cabinet wood tile floor



This is our first ever kitchen renovation and we’re doing it all ourselves (the two of us, Milla’s fiance and my boyfriend on occasion, gotta give the guys credit lol). We still have a long list of things to complete in this kitchen (like crown moulding, baseboard and beams), but at least it is a lot shorter.

white-ikea-kitchen-lidingo-cabinet-wood-tile-floor-blue-ceiling white-kitchen-blue-beadboard-ceiling-beams-progress
We have plans for the huge chalkboard. Our love affair with typography will finally be on display. This is the longest post I’ve ever written on this blog so I’ll keep the other details for the future. Toodles!

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17 Responses to A Very Detailed Kitchen Renovation Progress Report

  1. Tenisha Bryant

    Ladies, this is amazing. I love the renovations and the fact that most of this was DIY.

    • Milla

      Aww thanks for stopping by and commenting Tenisha!

  2. Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    I love your kitchen makeover! …and that herringbone tile pattern is gorgeous!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    • Milla

      Thanks a bunch Jennifer. The herringbone is my favorite and such hardwork.

  3. Andrea R.

    That kitchen is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see it finished!!! Good job!

  4. Kimberly M.

    OMG!!! This kitchen look like something right out of the book. Your Aunt Joy would be so proud of you two. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. Deborah

    What a beautiful job! Truly, stunning :)

  6. Lorene @Remodelaholic

    Looking great, ladies! Thanks for sharing at the Remodelaholics Anonymous party this weekend! (I work there with Cassity :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. the cape on the corner

    i looove that sink and the herringbone backsplash!

  8. Milla

    Thanks so much for commenting!

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  10. Brandi

    I am in love with your kitchen, ladies. The tile and glass door cabinets are my faves. Well done!!!

    • Milla

      Thank you so much Brandi!

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