Inspire Me Art: Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I’ve spent most of my weekend, sewing some pillows to dress up my bed, working on a moodboard for my bedroom, and finding artwork for my bedroom. I’ve been loving the look of watercolor illustrations lately, especially fashion illustrations. I believe a stylish, fashion illustration will look great with the classic look the black and white stripes create in my bedroom. There’s no better place to find original art than on Etsy. I fell in love with so many, but I especially love the illustrations by Jessica Durrant of Jessica Illustrations. The colors are so vibrant I can’t even chose a favorite! However, I really like the line work in the first one.

The next set comes from Cate Parr at Silver Ridge Studio. She also has a lot of fabulous art prints for sale. Either one of these prints would be perfect in a large size in a mostly white interior.

What if you have a very colorful interior and you’re seeking minimal but still appealing artwork? Then the lovely pieces by Leigh Viner are for you. The line work is very crisp and I love the colors in the first piece. I’m thinking one of these prints would look lovely in my room over my teal dresser perhaps.

I haven’t really decided which art print I’m going to buy or if I’d attempt to create something myself. And I use the word “attempt” very loosely because I’m not an artist, but I also wasn’t a person that could sew. With my determination and sheer insanity I may be able to create something decent. Wish me luck!
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2 Responses to Inspire Me Art: Watercolor Fashion Illustrations

  1. Jennifer

    These rock! You’d think with the amount of time I spend on Etsy that I would be familiar with every seller but nope! Thanks for referring me to new shop to obsess over…LOL

    • Kahli

      Exactly! I was like how did I miss these! Big fail on my part for not knowing about these shops. I still don’t know which I’d like buy :(

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