This is beautiful. What is that Velvet: Furniture Inspiration

Hello lovely visitors! Sorry for the delay. I meant to update two Fridays ago, but our birthday was the 21st.  We are now 27 years old but look younger then most teenagers and often hear, “Ya’ll twins are so cute!” on a daily basis.  Then we suddenly started having internet connection issues. Comcast you are worthless. And even our mobile internet wouldn’t connect! Curse you Sprint.

So…we have a recent purchase to showcase. A wonderful Craigslist find of course. It is a button-tufted wingback settee/loveseat. We purchased this item for $75. It’s very Vintage. Very worn. In need of a makeover.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the baseboard molding-less  walls, we have to yet to reinstall that. Oh and any other miscellaneous items pictured as well.


imageLook at that lovely…shape! But everything else is a bit unsatisfactory, saggy cushions, worn leather, and the color is faded. However, this is one of our future makeover projects so no worries!

And we are leaning towards a luscious velvety fabric to reupholster this in. I know what you all are thinking. Velvet! But what about Breeze The Upholstered Furniture Destroyer (another story for another post).

Well, we’ve been reading a lot about cats and velvet and it seems that they are uninterested in that fabric. It lacks the loops and stitching for them to claw into.  Breeze just prefers to sleep on anything velvet so if I only have to worry about pet hair…I am overjoyed.

So I began researching for color inspiration. Of course we’re immediately drawn to anything turquoise and World Market is currently selling this beauty for $349

And offers customized sofa styles, everything from sectionals to chesterfield sofas in an array of fabrics and colors. However, these two configurations below cost over $2,000.

If I am in need of a daily pickup, orange velvet could work.

Or the extremely regal purple velvet. Breeze would look amazing if photographed on this.

And these last two lovelies below were previously available for sale on Etsy. I’m definitely leaning towards  jewel tones for the loveseat. But that navy is speaking to me.

Either way, until the makeover project begins…Breeze is on furniture timeout.


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Milla is the other half of the Design Par Deux duo. She enjoys finding design inspiration in all things creative. She has an unhealthy obsession with the color Turquoise.

2 Responses to This is beautiful. What is that Velvet: Furniture Inspiration

  1. Kimberly Hughes

    Yes to the velvet!! Not one of my cats has ever done any damage at all to my velvet furniture, it’s actually IDEAL for cat owners for exactly the reasons you mentioned – it’s not a looped fabric, they can’t get their claws in it and so therefore they don’t bother.

    I’m a little in love with navy blue velvet at the moment so my vote is for that 😉 The shape is absolutely gorgeous though, it’s gonna look fab!

    Hope you had a wonderful (belated) birthday lovely twins!!


    P.S. And I love that you are thinking of photographic possibilities in combo with Breeze! lol

    • Milla

      I just love you Kimberly! Your comments are so inspiring :) Well velvet it is. We should probably do everything in velvet. Would that be too much?

      Yes Breeze has to photo bomb all furniture pictures lol. Thank you for commenting Kimberly.

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