When your day doesn’t go as planned…(Makeover Sneak Peaks)

You all are probably wondering why it has been three days since we’ve updated the blog. We’ve had a hell of a last few days that took up a lot of time. Friday, the morning began with our car not starting. The battery was shot because I left the interior light on or so I thought. Milla’s boss came to pick her up for work because she loves her or because she would die without her at work. I called roadside assistance to give me a jump and all as was well for the rest of Friday. Fast forward to Saturday night as we prepare to live it up at multiple Halloween Parties, the car again decided to be a pain in the rear and not start. Why? You guessed it, the battery again, but this time I didn’t leave any lights on. Thankfully our cousin came to pick us up and we enjoyed ourselves until 5 in the morning.

Later in the morning we had the car battery jumped again and took it to Advanced Auto Parts for a new battery install. Yay! The installation took about 5 minutes and we were off to enjoy a day of football with my brother. The day ended well when we scored on a 10 dollar mid century style desk on Craigslist.

Monday morning I drove Milla to work and then stopped at Lowes to pick up some supplies to paint the desk. When I came out of Lowes the car would not start! It’s one thing being stuck at your house with a car that won’t start, you can pass the time watching tv and completing diy projects, but it sucked sitting in a public parking lot. It sucked even more as I waited in the car for over 2 1/2 hours for a tow truck. There’s a good ending to this story however, the tow truck guy fixed the car by noticing a sensor connection loose on the battery. The bad news is that I didn’t get the chance to finish the three projects I wanted to work on.

I have three sneak peeks for you all though!

You may remember this sideboard from a few posts ago. Well I finally got around to painting it. I haven’t finished polishing the hardware however.

Check out our copy of Design Sponge At Home. Great book by the way, lots of fabulous inspiration. I’ll have the full makeover post up by tomorrow hopefully.

I completed two makeovers today before going to work. Remember that suitcase? I painted it gray and added  diagonal stripes in white.  I’m not completely sure if it’ll end up as a suitcase table like planned if we don’t find the perfect base for it. The $10 craigslist desk also got a fresh coat of white. It looks much better than the before which I will show in a later post. The living room is really coming together. I can’t wait until we’re completely finished!

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2 Responses to When your day doesn’t go as planned…(Makeover Sneak Peaks)

  1. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I love the turquoise dresser! It looks fabulous in that colour as I’m quite partial to turquoise and gold myself 😉

    Suitcase looks cute as well – I was just looking for grey and white striped fabric today (I was unsuccesful booo)… pretty pretty! x

    • Kahli

      Good luck finding that gray and white striped fabric. You’ll probably have better luck on ebay or etsy like I did if you don’t mind online shopping. I wish I had some leftover I would definitely send some your way.

      The dresser is actually gray, does it look turquoise in this picture lol?

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