Wood you believe It: Wood Tile Installation and QEP Spacer review

It’s me again. Milla’s in the building for the third time in a week! That alone earns a Tina Fey Self High Five gif.

We deserve it Tina

We deserve it Tina!

found via Tumblr

So remember a couple days ago, I revealed a photo of  our self-leveling floor process in the kitchen…see below.

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

Self-leveling concrete in Kitchen

And remember some examples of wood tile installations?

Wood Tile before and after

Wood Tile before and after found via Pinterest

credit: still searching for original owner

Well we have since finished the installation process. It took a couple days and a few hiccups, but as of now we are just waiting for the grout to dry. Yay!

Speaking of hiccups…we used these tile leveling spacers and wedges that my fiance, let’s call him Ty (his real name) for descriptive purposes, found at Home Depot.

QEP Tile Leveling Spacer Clips

QEP Tile Leveling Spacer Clips and Wedge

Home Depot Tile Leveling

See these tile spacers were supposed to be life savers but so far we have mixed feelings about them. According to Home Depot’s product overview, the wedges and clips work together to  “maintain  tiles at an even height until mortar sets” and to”ensure level tile surface with no tile to tile lippage.”

Sounds good until you realize that to start you need to lay out a set of wedge and clips for each side of the tile. Also depending on how large the tiles are you may need two sets on each side. That part was tedious but we were extremely happy with the even spacing and heights of tile.

Until the next day when Ty and I entered into the kitchen to admire our hard work. Ty stepped on a tile an it immediately popped up. Oh no! *Panicked screams* I told him that he was walking too strongly and the tile wasn’t finished setting. But the tile had been set for 24 hours. Then I, whom is 70 pounds lighter walked on a tile and it popped up, one and then another. In all 20 or more tiles hadn’t adhered to the floor. We had to fix them. I was no longer in denial.

What caused this you ask? Well, the clips held the tiles so high that the mortar didn’t properly bond to all the tiles. So…my poor honey had to scrape the original mortar bed and start over in some sections. It was Hell.

The removal of the clips and wedges were just as horrible as the installation. According to the instructions, you must kick the clips and wedges from each tile. The curved ends of the white clips will remain under the set tile so don’t bother trying to locate those. Either way I felt like kicking something else to relieve the stress when we were done.

But we finished and didn’t take much pictures (I hate when that happens) so here is one picture of the floor just after grouting.

Just after grout

Just after grout

So the kitchen is almost complete you all. Next up backsplash installation. Oh and we’ll put up a final picture of the floor in the next couple of days.


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8 Responses to Wood you believe It: Wood Tile Installation and QEP Spacer review

  1. Brittany Ruth

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my “Victorian Furniture” post. I came here half curious to see if you made some recent purchases 😉

    • Milla

      We actually have made several purchases. We just haven’t made a post about it. I’ll see if my sister can get on that today. Thanks for stopping buy.

  2. MY

    Amazing work, Milla! Well done! Where did you get the kitchen cabinets? I love them! I want to tell you that this past Sunday I stopped by at Great Finds and Design, in Timonium, and they had two big japanese/chinese screens!
    their website: http://www.greatfindsanddesign.com

    • Milla

      Thank you! The kitchen cabinets are from Ikea, Akurum with Lidingo fronts. And I had to go to your website and re-read my comment because I couldn’t remember why you were mentioning Japanese screens lol. I have to check out Great Finds and Design. And I haven’t been to David’s in a long time. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    The floor is looking great, especially with your nice cabinets. Can’t wait to see it all finished.

    • Kahli

      Thanks so much Kristi! I can’t wait either. It has been a long time coming. Thanks for visiting.

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  5. Shonibare

    We have the same project at our home. I have also those two bottom pictures at my inspiration wall. Were going to have at least concrete floor but I would love concrete walls too:)

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